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AFT Marks NCLB Milestone with New Web Site

The AFT marked the fourth anniversary of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act in January with the launch of a new Web site that features information and discussion on this major education law. The new Web site signals the next phase of the union's NCLB: Let's Get It Right campaign, an effort to secure the types of changes needed to make the law a vehicle for constructive school improvement.

The centerpiece of, which made its debut on Jan. 14, is an online journal called a "blog." The NCLBlog will help promote a candid dialogue about NCLB that extends from the classroom to Capitol Hill. It's the latest step the AFT is taking to promote informed and articulate voices from the field - the type of input that can help guide Congress to make necessary changes when NCLB comes up for reauthorization in 2007, says AFT public affairs director Alex Wohl.

Early in February, the union will launch a series of Web-based advertisements and e-mail messages to be sent to thousands of activists and educators. This will further expand awareness of the new Web site and the need for change in the law. These efforts were detailed in a Jan. 12 online discussion between AFT leaders and union executive vice president Antonia Cortese, who outlined the latest round of AFT efforts leading up to NCLB reauthorization.

The site will feature candid discussions of NCLB news and trends by public education advocates, policymakers and educators on the front lines of reform. Visitors to the site will be able to post feedback, ask questions and learn more about positions the union has taken on school accountability, intervention and corrective action, "highly qualified" educator provisions, and other key aspects of the law.